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I’m out here.

I originally went on the World Race in January 2014. Through that experience, and since then, the Lord has been speaking to me about the purpose of our lives, of my life, and how all he really wants for us is to be in a position to hear his voice and respond to it. 

In the Old Testament, God tells Abram he’s going to be the father of many nations (Genesis 17), and he tells him to go to the land he’s going to show him (Genesis 12). He never tells Abram to figure out how to have a huge family or to draw a map with time/distance goals to get to the new land. He just says, This is my promise; this is my voice. Follow me.

This is my promise. This is my voice. Follow me.

Even when Abram tried to figure it out and plan and do it on his own, a lot of things hit the fan and blow all over the room/Earth. There are a lot of times in my life when I’ve done that as well, tried to figure things out on my own, and it never really works out the way I want it to. His promises were true, and they were better than Abram could have planned (or even actually did plan) for himself. I want the plans that I can’t think of or dream of for myself  plans that only come with a supernatural promise from the Creator of all plans and things.  

The Lord just wants us to keep ourselves in a position where we can hear him and do something about it.

Santiago de Chile

In case you missed it…

I’m in Chile. Don’t feel bad if you’re confused. We all are.

At the end of August, God told me to join the leadership team of 5th Generation A-Squad on their World Race journey, which began at the beginning of October, so I did. And that’s why I’m out here. 

I left my job in the Interview Department at Adventures in Missions. I left my house, my porch, my room, my bed, and my friends, my community. And despite trusting in the Lord, I don’t really have a plan for what happens after this. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a plan. The past five years of my life have proven that over and over.

This is my promise. This is my voice. Follow me.

While I’m out here, as part of the role of Squad Leader, I travel between A-Squad teams and support them in their community, ministry, relationship with the Lord, and growth. This past month, I’ve spent time with four of the seven different teams, staying with each one for about a week or less, moving around.

It has been an eventful month, and we are getting ready to start Month 1 debrief in the next couple of days, and each team from the squad will be traveling to Valparaiso, on the Pacific Coast, for a week of rest, teaching, and debriefing their first month. 

Stay tuned for an overview of my experience in Chile!